The Wrong Way To Attempt A Budget Move

24 September 2018
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If you want to move on a budget, there is a right and wrong way to go about it. You should know you are about to tackle your budget move the wrong way if you are thinking of:

Doing Everything on Your Own

A move is a labor-intensive project and the more help you can get the better. For example, you may need help packing, organizing, cleaning the house, loading and offloading your items, among other things. The help can come from different quarters such as your family members, friends, or moving and storage services. However, ignoring help and trying to do everything on your own is the wrong way to handle your move because:

  • You may fail to complete everything in time
  • You may damage your expensive and fragile items in the process
  • You may get injured, for example, when straining to lift something heavy

Choosing the Cheapest Packing Materials

Another mistake you can make is to choose the cheapest packing materials, especially for your fragile items. Sure, free or recycled moving boxes may not cost you much or anything at all, but they may also fail to protect your fine china. Even if you want to skimp on packing materials and moving boxes, don't do it for the delicate, fragile and expensive materials.

Ignoring Moving Equipment and Tools

An efficient move involves the use of moving equipment and tools such as:

  • Moving dolly
  • Furniture sliders
  • Moving Straps
  • Stair rollers
  • Toolbox (for disassembling large items)

You may be tempted to make do without these tools and equipment if you don't have money, but that just exposes you to injury and your items from damage. You should either lease the relevant equipment or hire a professional mover who will come with their equipment.

 Choosing the Cheapest Moving Option

As you probably know, there are different ways of executing a move; for example, you can:

  • Try to cram everything on the back of your pickup truck
  • Hire an individual with a moving van
  • Rent a moving van and execute a DIY move with it
  • Hire a professional moving company and let it handle everything
  • Hire a professional moving company and let it handle most of the tasks while handling the easy ones on your own

The best thing is to evaluate all the various options and choose the best one for you; don't automatically opt for the cheapest route. For example, hiring an amateur mover because they are cheap may end in a disaster if they damage your items through their own fault but don't have the insurance to compensate your losses.