Four Flammable Materials Storage Tips For Your Business

31 August 2015
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If your business uses paint, paint thinners, or other flammable materials on the shop floor, proper storage is a must. Not only does the right storage system ensure everyone's safety, it also keeps these supplies in working condition. The following guide can help ensure you store hazardous items correctly. Tip #1: Keep the Container It's best to keep most hazardous materials in their original container. The original is made to safely contain the material, plus it has all the pertinent information, such as contents, safety, and use, printed right on the label. Read More 

Why Choose a Climate-Controlled Unit?

31 July 2015
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Typically, a climate-controlled storage unit is more costly to rent than a non-climate-controlled one. For this reason, many people opt for a non-climate-controlled unit, only to find that when they pull their items out of storage several months later, they've been damaged by the elements. Some of the items that require climate-controlled storage might surprise you. Specifically, if you're storing any of these five things, it's worth paying a bit more for a climate-controlled unit. Read More 

3 Things To Do After A Big Move To Help Your Pets Adjust

30 July 2015
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If you have a big move coming up, you need to make a plan to help your pets adjust to their new home. In order to help your pets adjust to their new environment, make sure you follow the three steps outlined below. Step #1: Make A "Den" For Your Pet Before your pets arrive at their new home, you should transport all of their belongings and set it up in one particular room. Read More 

Renting A Self Storage Unit During A Divorce

22 July 2015
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Roughly four out of 1000 American adults get divorced in any given year, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). If you are going through a divorce, you of course want the legal process to go smoothly—but you want the division of property to be as easy as possible. If you follow the steps below, self storage can help you with both of the above goals. Consider the Legal Ramifications of Divorce  Read More 

Driving a Moving Truck: Tips and Advice

8 July 2015
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Many people dread driving moving trucks. They're big and bulky and they move very differently from standard-sized vehicles. The larger the truck, the more extreme the difference in the vehicle's handling, turn radius, and cornering abilities. If you're driving a moving truck any distance, whether it's a few miles or several hundred miles, these tips will help.  Make Extra-Wide Turns Moving trucks simply don't corner well. They're too large and their turn radius is too wide for them to successfully maneuver in the same way that cars and smaller trucks can. Read More