Active Storage Units - Tips For Easy Access

21 April 2015
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People use self storage differently. Some barely access their unit while others are in and out of their storage unit quite a bit. If you store things for your business or are just an active re-arranger, you may need to have access to your storage unit more so than others. The type of unit you rent and how you set this up are important factors. If your storage unit is an active part of your life, here are four tips to make this a better set-up for you.

1. The Organization of Your Storage Unit

If you are going to be in and out of your unit, set-up is important. Make sure that the items you will be accessing are up front and ready to go. If you have things in boxes that you may be removing and returning, be sure to label everything well. Get bulky things on the bottom so that you don't damage more delicate items.

2. Access to Storage Space

Finding a storage company that can work with your personal needs is important. If you will need to access your self storage unit more often than most, make sure that you can get that you can get to your items when you need them. Do you need 24 hour access? Do staff need to be on-site? Can you access your unit on your own with just your key? Make sure you understand access limitations so this doesn't become a problem.

3. Location of Unit Within a Storage Facility

If you will be pulling out heavy boxes, equipment or furniture, make sure that you can safely pull items out and load these into your vehicle. If there are options at a storage facility for units closer to loading docks or to an easier access area, these will be better for your needs. Don't just take whatever unit is provided, inquire with the facility on vacancies and see if you can try to get a better located unit.

4. Size of Your Storage Unit

Cramping everything into your unit might make sense for storage where items will then all be removed at once at a later date, but if you will be regularly accessing your things, you may need a little more space. Make sure that you can remove things with ease, which might mean upgrading to a larger unit.

If accessibility to your Foothills Storage unit is important, make sure to take out the frustration of any limitations that you can. By making access to your things as simple as possible, you can come and go when you need to, and update your inventory as often as needed.