How To Store Your Model Vehicles Safely In A Storage Unit

23 April 2015
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Building model cars, trucks and airplanes is an enjoyable way to spend your time. But, what do you do with all of those models once you have built so many that you just don't have the space for them in your home any longer? Do you get rid of something that you have labored so long on, or do you find somewhere else to store the models? Renting a storage unit could be the solution to your problem. If this is something that interests you, follow the instructions below to ensure that the models are organized well and remain in perfect condition while in storage.

Step 1: Take Photos

Taking photos of the models can help you create a log of what you have. These photos can be used to look back on your accomplishments and be used to create an inventory log to make it easier to find a particular model after it is in storage.

Take a picture of and number each model. Include any information on the log that can help you identify the model, or reminisce about the time that you spent building it. This could include the date that you bought it and completed it or the name of anyone that contributed to the construction of the model.  

Step 2: Clean the Models

You should never pack away models that are covered in dust. Instead, dedicate some time to thoroughly cleaning the models to remove any dust, dirt and oils that could be on them. Use a can of compressed air to carefully blow the dust out of the small spaces in the models and gently wipe the surfaces you can with a clean, slightly damp cloth.

Tip: Do not use chemicals of any kind when cleaning them or you could damage the finish or decals.

Step 3: Box the Models

Boxing the models is probably the most important part of storing them. If you have oversized models that can easily be disassembled, consider doing so. For example, if you have a large airplane that you have built, consider taking the wings off. This will make it easier to store the model without damaging it.

Try to find multiple sizes of boxes that your models can fit in individually. You could use shoe boxes, visit your local stores to get free boxes used for inventory, or purchase boxes from your local moving supply company.

Place only one model in each box. If you plan to store more than one model in a box, be sure that you tuck crumpled tissue paper between each one. You want to prevent the models from moving around as you transport them.

Step 4: Store the Models

Now that you have the models are safely packed in boxes, it is time to find a storage unit for them. The storage unit you use should be climate-controlled. Without climate control, the models will be exposed to high heat and uncontrolled humidity, which can be very damaging to them.

Tip: Use old pallets on the floor of the unit to keep the boxes off of the concrete. This will help to prevent moisture from wicking up into the box and damaging the models.

This process may take a while to complete from start to finish, but it will help you keep your models without having them take over your home. If you're looking for a storage facility in your area, visit Grand Central Storage.