The Hazards Of DIY Moving

5 February 2016
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If you are relocating to a new residence, particularly one that is located across the country, handling the move yourself is a bad idea. In fact, choosing to load up your possessions and drive them hundreds or thousands of miles is a hazardous proposition. You will benefit physically, mentally, and ultimately financially if you hire professionals. 


Even young people can hurt themselves by incorrectly lifting heavy objects. If you are older, throwing out your back is a real concern. You and your friends can strain and sprain muscles while trying to get that huge sectional out the door. Navigating the stairs while toting mattresses can lead to serious falls as well. Any money you save on moving expenses can easily be eaten up by medical bills. Also, if your friends are injured at your home, you can face liability and insurance issues. 

Trying to move on your own can also lead to an enormous amount of stress, which is a mental and physical problem. Excessive stress can adversely affect your blood pressure and cause a variety of other ills. Adjusting to a new location will be stressful enough without having to orchestrate the physical move. 


If you love your furniture and other items enough to move them, then you obviously want them to arrive in good shape. Unless you have a professional background in moving, you may make mistakes in loading and unloading your possessions, leading to damage that may require costly repairs or even replacement. If you manage to get everything safely on the truck, improperly securing your furniture can lead to damage in transit. In short, if you move your items yourself, you have a good chance of damaging some of them. If you engage a professional company to do the moving, you can also take advantage of the insurance that they offer. Although the movers are less likely to break something, taking out their insurance means that your prized dining room table will be covered if it arrives in a dozen pieces. 

You may be tempted to save money by moving your household items yourself. That choice can prove to be expensive in more ways than one. Not only can you injure yourself during the moving process, you may end up responsible for injuries to your family members and soon to be ex-friends. A professional mover can make sure that your possessions arrive safely at your new home. Your sofa and your mental health are more likely to be whole if you rely on trained professionals. Contact a business, such as Walsh Moving & Storage, for more information.