4 Ways To Save Space In A Storage Unit

20 April 2015
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When using a self storage unit, it's very important to maximize your square footage both horizontally and vertically. Follow these tips, and you'll be able to fit more stuff in your storage unit than you thought you could.

Purge Your Belongings

It is common that people use self storage because they are rushed and need to quickly get their belongings into storage. It could be because their lease ended or they needed to quickly make room at home. Even if you are rushed, you should still take the time to purge your belongings that you do not need.

You should also consider what is cheaper to buy again than to keep in storage. For example, if you have an old couch that is not worth much money but is taking up the majority of your storage unit, it may not be worth it to pay to hold onto it every single month. That space can be used to help store more important items.

Use Vacuum Bags

If your space is limited, vacuum bags can be a great way to make some of your bulky items take up considerably less space. Blankets, bedding, pillows, and sheets are all ideal candidates for going into a vacuum bag due to how much they will shrink down afterwards.

You can also put clothes in a vacuum bag, but you can't just shove things in them. Take the time to fold your clothes so that they fit compactly into the bag, then remove the air to get them even smaller.

Use All Your Empty Spaces

Anything that has an empty space should be used for storage, even if it seems unconventional. Use dresser drawers, the inside of your washing machine, and empty refrigerators and freezers. If not, this space is just being wasted when it could be put to good use.

Forget Plastic Bags, Use Boxes

You may be tempted to go the cheap route and start using plastic bags to store things. This will save money, but not space. You just cannot beat the efficiency of storing things in boxes because you can stack them to the ceiling. Consider purchasing some clear plastic bins so that you can see what is inside them without having to open them up.

By following these tips, it will help ensure that you are not wasting any space in your storage unit. If you still run out of space, you can always upgrade to a bigger unit that will give you the additional square footage you need. For more advice, speak directly with experts like Security Storage.