Self Storage Vs. Storage With Door-To-Door Service

22 April 2015
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Having a little extra space for storage is often necessary, but running down to your storage space to get into your storage can take up a lot of time. Moreover, if you are moving to a new city and you are between homes, getting access to your storage unit only gets more problematic. There is a new option known as door-to-door storage. Both options have advantages.

Traditional Storage

One of the biggest benefits of traditional storage is that you can find a storage facility pretty much wherever you go. Not only does this mean that you have ready access to storage units, but you also have competition between units in the same area. As units try to attract customers, they offer deals and discounts. 

Besides deals, storage units will try to improve their service. For example, a facility might upgrade their security system. Some facilities will even offer individual alarms for each unit. A facility might also install a climate control system. If you have a piano, artwork, or other belongings that are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, using a climate control system can protect your belongings. On the other hand, you typically have to do all the work to get your belongings to and from the storage unit. 

Door-to-Door Storage

When you get door-to-door storage, all you have to do is sign up for the storage. The company will ship boxes to your home, which you then fill. When you are ready, you call the company to pick them up. They then transfer them to a storage facility for you. While you can't beat the ease of pushing a button to have your storage needs taken care of, getting into your storage is not quite so easy. Also, not every city has a door-to-door storage facility, so finding a door-to-door service can be kind of tricky.

When you are looking for a new storage unit, you need to carefully consider your options. Pushing a button to rent a storage unit is about as easy as it gets, but before you decide that door-to-door storage is just what you need, you need to make sure that there is a storage offering that service in the city you are moving to. In many instances, traditional storage can provide you with better service and better access to your belongings than door-to-door storage can. Thus, just because there is a new storage option on the market does not always mean that it is the best way to go.