Three Great Mini Storage Tips

23 June 2015
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If you have a large collection of belongings that you want to put away for safe keeping, your best bet is to rent a self storage unit, from a company like Santa Monica Mini Storage. These storage units are an excellent way to free up some space in your home, while also protecting your property over the long haul. As you do this, it pays to administer some tips and techniques that will help you get the most out of it. With that in mind, this guide will assist you. 

#1: Take The Time To Protect Furniture Pieces

If you are going to place furniture inside of a storage unit, your first focus should be to ensure that you're freely able to protect it from scratches, breaks and other problems. In doing this, you should make sure that you grab some bubble wrap and tape it around the legs of your furniture, so that it remains undamaged if other items happen to hit it. Always use forms of padding or furniture covers whenever possible to prevent physical and chemical damage due to blunt force or changes in the atmosphere. This will help you protect the value of your furniture for as long as you store it. 

#2: Select The Proper Criteria And Features For A Storage Unit

In order to keep your belongings as safe as possible, you will need to select a storage unit that will best provide for you. For instance, climate control will allow you to prevent damages related to temperature drops and rises, due to the seasons. You'll also need to be sure that the size of the unit can accommodate the amount of rooms that you are emptying into the unit. Further, make sure that your mini storage unit company can provide you with all the security measures that you need, including cameras, punch code entry and insurance policies. 

#3: Add A Lock To Your Storage Unit

Be sure that you double down on the company's security measures by applying your own heavy duty lock. By providing your own lock, you won't have to question whether anyone else has access to it. Purchasing an industrial strength lock will give you the peace of mind necessary to keep all of your items safely guarded for as long as they are housed inside of your mini self storage unit. 

If you are planning to use a self storage unit to keep your belongings safe, follow these credible tips.